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Unique & Appealing

Pepper Tree Cabins is a little different to many of the accommodation options available in Kingaroy and the South Burnett region. We are not a caravan park or a motel, but a purposely designed and built cabin park.

Established in 2009, our 32 cabins were established with the privacy and comfort of our guests in mind.  Built individually on site, the cabins have been spaciously positioned in the property offering a special combination of open space and attractive landscaping that provides a sense of relaxation and privacy that you don’t often get in other accommodation options.

Stay healthy when you travel

One of our most appealing features at Peppertrees is the cleanliness of our cabins. We have taken this to a new level by becoming a Healthy Hotels Certified Property. We take pride in maintaining a high standard of cleanliness so you are assured of a clean and hygienic stay and an easy breathing night’s sleep with all of our mattresses, pillows and carpets being hygienically sanitised to Healthy Hotels program standards for your peace of mind.

Clean & Green!

At Pepper Tree Cabins we strive to achieve excellence and our environmental impact is just one of these areas.

We have:

  • rain water tanks on every cabin
  • energy efficient light globes
  • timers and disabling switches on airconditioners;
  • on demand gas hot water systems
  • eco friendly landscaping which attracts local birdlife;